The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson

I really don’t know why it’s taken me this look to read this book, you all know that I love the shadow world and pretty much anything Cassandra Clare has written… but I have finally read it, and of course I loved it!

For those who don’t know this book is a compilation of short stories which make up the exciting life of Magnus Bane the high warlock of Brooklyn in the incredible shadowhunter series’ including The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, each story is completely different and involves a ton of well known characters and events that were only mentioned  briefly in the other books. What really stood out to me straight away was the humour, I had completely forgotten how funny Magnus Bane is, he literally had me in fits of giggles! I also really loved how it was set out as lots of short stories as we got a little snapshots of Magnus’ life instead of a massive long narrative, although I have to admit that some stories were much better than others! The only downfall of the short story element that there were quite hard to remember, I found myself reading over things I already read to remind myself what was going on! Also it would have been much easier if the stories were in chronological order, but that’s because my brain isn’t quite advanced enough to piece everything together as to what was happening and when.

Like I said before, some stories were better than others, for example ‘The Runaway Queen’ (Amy you would love that one!) was very exciting, I especially loved the historical element! I also loved the story about James Herondale (Tessa and Will’s son) it was lovely to revisit those characters and I can’t wait to learn more about James H, he seems VERY interesting! I also loved Magnus’ point of view during the attack on the downworlers by the Circle, and when Clary was first brought to Magnus to to have her memories altered, all very interesting to read about in more detail! One story I was really disappointed with however was ‘What Really Happened in Peru?’ I heard a lot about it and it did intrigue me and I really wanted to find out why Magnus was banned from the country, but to be honest it was a real let down, there were many adventures but the actual reason as to why he got banned just felt like a real cop out from the authors, I’m sorry Cassie, you know I love you but not your best work!

Although on a whole, the majority of the book was very entertaining and I did really love it! I would definitely recommend people to read this who have read the other books in the shadowhunter world as it does bring a really interesting insight! But I would say, don’t get your hopes up about Peru… Overall I’m going to award this a 4 out of 5 stars, I really wanted to give this 5 stars but I just couldn’t with the Peru let down!


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