The Longest Ride – Film Review

Again another film I was really pleased to have received for Christmas as I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks and his stories are always very cute yet heart-breaking!

The primary story takes place between Luke, the charmingly attractive country boy looking to become the best professional bull rider in the world and Sophia, the pretty and intelligent college girl about to pursue her passion for art by taking her dream job in New York City. Despite coming from completely different worlds, Sophia falls for Luke’s southern hospitality. As they struggle to make things work, they cross paths with an elderly man named Ira. Sophia befriends Ira, and he tells her about the ups and downs of the romance he shared with his beloved wife Ruth. Sophia learns through Ira’s story and her own relationship with Luke that real enduring romance isn’t easy, and everyone has to make sacrifices for those they love.

The Longest Ride again followed the pattern of Sparks’s many other novels but for me I didn’t mind that because I’m a sucker for cute, cliche and predictable romances. It was an emotional roller coaster which truly showed the ups and downs of being and staying in love.I loved how they paired something delicate like art with something aggressive and dominate like bull riding to produce this powerful yet sweet romance.

I really, really enjoyed Scott Eastwood’s performance as the charming country boy with the dangerous profession of jumping on angry cattle. I really liked the element of the bull riding as it was different and something you wouldn’t normally associate with a love story. Britt Robertson performance was enjoyable however I have to admit my attention was more focused on Scott Eastwood for most of the film! He’s gorgeous!

What stole the show for me was the incredibly beautiful story of Ira and Ruth and I found myself just waiting for more of their flashbacks rather than caring about the present time. Jumping back and forth between stories can also be confusing, but this movie had a nice balance and the stories went well together, inspiring the present by way of the past.

Overall, I thought it was a perfect girly romance film which not only made me smile but cry and feel all warm and gooey inside! It is easily to say I give this film 4/5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is looking for that perfect film to watch on a rainy afternoon!


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    1. Thank you! I literally finished ‘We All Looked Up’ last night and I have mixed towards it! I thought it was a brilliant concept but I didn’t it was executed as well as it could have been, nevertheless I found it a enjoyable read! My full review will be up soon! Xx

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