Christmas Book Haul 2015

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Hello Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you got everything you wanted from Father Christmas! We both got quite a few books and films this Christmas, so we thought you might like to see what we gratefully received on Christmas Day. We are by no means bragging, it is purely for those of you who are curious and to perhaps have a preview of future reviews!


Most of the books I received were because Amy recommended them to me, so most of them have already been reviewed. However I am very excited to read them and see if Amy and I share the same opinion!

  1. Firstly I got ‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken from my Brother, I have wanted to read this book for SO LONG, but Waterstones never stocked it, so my dear brother got it off Amazon and I was very happy to unwrap this on Christmas Day!
  2. Secondly I got ‘One Day’ by David Nichols. The concept of this book, that you only get to look into one day of someone’s life each year for 20 years, really interested me so I can’t wait to start this one!
  3. Thirdly I got ‘The Assassins Blade’ By Sarah J Maas. Amy has been nagging me for literally ages to read this, it’s the prequel to the ‘Throne of Glass series’ which I love, so I have very high hopes for this one!
  4. Fourthly I got ‘The Bane Chronicles’ By Cassandra Clare and others. I can’t believe that I haven’t read this already, you all know how much I love the Shadowhunter world, so I can’t wait to delve back into it!
  5. Finally, I got ‘Siege and Storm’ By Leigh Bardugo. Similarly to The Assassins Blade, this is one that Amy has been nagging me to read. This is the sequel to Shadow and Bone, which I read a while ago but never continued the story. I’ve heard great things so this should be a good one!


I knew I was receiving most of these books for Christmas as I kept hinting to my family to which books I would like and I’m so glad they caught on!

  1. ‘Winter’ By Marissa Myers. The final book in the series and I certainly didn’t expect it to be so big which I am excited yet slightly intimated by.
  2. ‘Six Of Crows’ By Leigh Bardugo. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this book and the storyline sounds amazing. I loved the ‘Shadow and Bone’ Series and I look forward to returning to the world of Grisha.
  3. ‘The Sin Eaters Daughter’ By Melinda Salisbury. I’ve seen this floating around the blogging community and from reading the synopsis it sounds really good. I’m currently reading now so do expect a review soon.
  4. ‘The Keeper’ By David Baldacci. I never knew that there was a sequel! I read the first book over a year ago and I remember it leaving me on a serious cliff hanger so I’m very excited to read this.
  5. ‘The Longest Ride’ By Nicola Sparks. And as I’m writing this post I am curled up on my sofa by the fire watching it and so far I’m loving it!! Scott Eastwood marry me now!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul 2015

  1. I watched ‘One Day’ and I cried. It’s such a great movie. And if the movie’s great I’m hoping the book’s will be super great!
    All the best for your reads!

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