Our Favourite Christmas Films

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today is Christmas Eve and if your not in the Christmassy spirt yet you need to sit yourself down with a cup of hot chocolate and put on Christmas film! And even if your full of Christmas spirt then watching a christmassy film is perfect so we thought we would share some of our favourites. We’ve already shared some of our favourite christmasy reads and you can check out that post here!


  1. Love Actually – This film is just so cute and is packed with an amazing cast and storylines which will warm your heart as well as breaking it.
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life – A Classic.
  3. The Santa Claus Films – Another great film which helps me get into the Christmas spirit and makes me feel like a child again!
  4. New Years Eve – Very similar to ‘Love Actually’with the concept of different people finding love and though it’s not mainly christmassy it is entered around the festivities of New Years Eve! It’s a classic romantic comedy which will get you in a good mood for the new year!
  5. Christmas With The Kranks – A funny and slightly childish Christmas film which doesn’t start off in the festive spirit but by the end shows you the true meaning and joy of Christmas


  1. Love Actually- I can’t think of anything wrong with this film, amazing!
  2. Elf- This film never fails to make laugh, Will Ferrall as an Elf? Genius!
  3. Home Alone (no.1 or no. 2)- I’ve grown up watching these films at Christmas and they never fail to put me in the Christmas spirit!
  4. Nativity- This is a fairly recent one but I instantly fell in love, just a brilliant, refreshing film about a school nativity that somewhat tumbles out of control!
  5. The Holiday- Ohhh this is such good Christmas film, but also a wonderful love story, always makes me cry at the end!

Here at A Fangirls Opinion would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year!



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