Cress – Marissa Meyer

When I first saw the size of this book I was worried it would take me forever to read it however I whizzed through this book! It was such a easy read with a gripping and exciting storyline. I loved the fact we were also introduced to new characters who fitted in really well; it was like they were a missing piece of a puzzle.

Cress is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles and this time centres around Luna Shell Cress who is a wiz on the computer and must help Cinder and her team with their plan to overthrow Queen Levana. However it isn’t that simple as the team suffers ups and downs and very tricky situations…

Again one of the main reason I loved this book wasn’t because of it’s amazing storyline but was it’s characters and the multiple points of view which never fails to entertain me. Meyrer’s writing makes it clear who’s point of view your reading from which made it easier to flow from chapter to chapter. She also never fails to surprise me with the new and different view points from minor characters who help add to the suspense and reveal secrets!

This book mainly centres around the character of Cress who I really liked as she was so cute and loveable and it was nice to see her develop throughout the book. Her relationship with Thorne I also really enjoyed and I found really cute that she always saw the good and belied in him even when he didn’t; she changed him. And what really made it for me was their relationship as he fell in love with Cress though her personality not her looks. Thorne’s one liners and banter never failed to make me laugh however I really do hope he gets his eyesight back, I don’t think I could deal with it otherwise!

Cinder in this book again is still our butt kicking hero and I really enjoyed seeing her powers and secrets develop. My heart melted over the final scene with Kai and I’m really excited to see where their relationship will go…. I have to admit, I was disappointed that we didn’t see much of Scarlet but it did neatly line us up for the next book ‘Winter’ which I really need to get!

Overall, I’m really enjoying this series and it’s characters. It’s easy to give this book (and series) 5/5 stars a perfect read for those who love a good actioned packed si-fi novel.


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