Little Me in Paris – Paris 2015

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This is something a little different to what we normally post however I really wanted to share my experiences and travels with everyone so I thought I would do a blog post on my recent trip to Paris! I recently turned 18, and as a surprise I was whisked off to Paris for three days. It was my love for French and Francophone culture which inspired my parents to take me to Paris and it was amazing to see and learn more about the famous landmarks in Paris.

My trip began with an early start on Wednesday morning where we traveled down to Luton Airport and flew over to Paris. As soon as we got off the plane, we were thrown into an action packed day! First step was to get tickets for the metro which is the underground train system in Paris, and I was able to practice some of my French speaking! Our first stop was Notre Dame and the flower market!

Notre Dame is one of my favourite Parisian Landmarks just because it is so beautiful both inside and outside. It’s grand and gothic architecture left me speechless and it was interesting to learn more about it’s history. Outside Notre Dame was ‘Point Zero’ marking the exact spot from which all distances from Paris are measured, which I only knew about thanks to ‘Anna and the French Kiss’! This is one of my favourite books at it was again really nice to visit places mentioned in the book! I also thought it would be nice to visits the Bridge of Locks where people put locks on the bridge to symbolise their love. Ah it was so romantic! 

After this we went and vistied Luxembourg Gardens which again was stunning. Another thing I loved about Paris was it’s parks. It is a very small but important element and really helped show the true beauty of the city. It was lovely to see all the autumn colours come to life among the trees and take a seat to relax away from the bustling city. The evening soon approached us and we headed back to the hotel to change and then go out for dinner. We found this small but lively restaurant along the high-street and for the first time ever I tried snails and I liked them! I will certainly be ordering them again!

The second day again started nice and early with a trip to the Arc de Triomph. Though it was relatively foggy the next morning it didn’t stop us seeing all of Paris when we climbed to the top! I was certainly bigger than I expected and it was great to watch different cars manoeuvre around this tricky round about!

We then wondered down the Champs Elysee and marvelled at all the beautiful boutiques and designer stores like Louis Vutton and Gucci. After a long trek down the Champs Elysse we reached the Place de Concorde and the Louvre. Though we didn’t go inside it was nice to grab a quick picture with the famous glass pyramid. Next stop was the Sacre Coeur. 

Located at the top of a hill, Sacre Coeur looked like something out of a fairy tale and the views from its doors was even more break-taking! By now the weather had improved immensely and you were able to see the whole of Paris! It was nice just to wonder around the small streets or sit and watch the world go by as sellers, artists and tourists filled the market square.

On the final day, we saved the best till last; The Eiffel Tower! Again it was another early start as we wanted to try and beat the queues but this wasn’t the case! When we arrived the queue was huge but it didn’t take long for it to move and soon enough I was standing on the Eiffel Tower looking over Paris! We were so lucky that it was another perfect day with blue skies and we were able to see everything! We did go all the way up to the summit and Oh my it is very high! I had to restrain myself from shouting ‘I’m the king of the world’ with my arms held out wide because that is exactly how I felt! After three amazing days it was time to fly home and as we were flying out at night we were able to see not only Paris but London all lit up.

This was one of the best trips of my life and I can’t wait until my third year in University where I plan to spend my year abroad in France! Hope you all enjoyed this little blog post and I hope I’ve inspired many of you to visit Paris!


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  1. This was wonderful to read! I loved it immensely! I have a huge crave to visit Paris on holiday someday, and it’s probably the second city on my list of places to travel when I am old and capable enough.

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