The Door That Led To Where – Sally Gardner

I’m just going to warn you… this review is going to more negative than positive, I hate writing bad reviews but it’s my honest opinion and I can’t lie to you guys.

I found this book really hard to read and I so nearly stopped reading at several points, it was just a little dull and nothing really happened, and when there was a ‘big plot point’ it wasn’t overly shocking, they were just acceptable and had me occasionally raise an eyebrow but never gasp out loud, if you get me…

This book is basically about AJ, he gets a job as a Clerk in a legal company he finds a magical door that leads to the 19th Century. There are a few stories along the way but that is the main premise. At first I thought this idea was quite interesting but at the end of the day not an awful lot happens… of course there are things that happen and stories to unfurl but none of them really don’t make much sense and didn’t link whatsoever, at one point there is a murder mystery story that isn’t really a mystery because I guessed correctly in the first five minutes. Then there was also this weird case of fraud that I never understood. I know I’m being horrid but this is just my opinion, I also don’t think it helped that I read two books in the middle of reading this book, but I couldn’t help it, it was just a bit dull.

Moreover, I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, they didn’t really have a soul if you know what I mean, I got them confused and muddled a lot of the time because they all seemed to merge together until I know longer could remember which one was which… very confusing and irritating. It was also quite confusing because it’s written in the style of a young teenager book (11-13) but there was a lot of swearing in it, so it can’t be for that age range… I came to the conclusion that it was just badly written…

In my notes I described this book as “easily forgettable” this was mainly because I would get into bed ready to carry on reading and I couldn’t remember what I had previously read so I would have to re-read the previous page. This was really annoying but it may have been because I was reading it late at night and I was tired and wasn’t really paying much attention. I really hoped that the end would save it a bit so that this review wouldn’t be all bad… but this, unfortunately, wasn’t the case… I’d say it was mediocre… a bit meh.

I apologise to the author who obviously put her heart and soul into the story but I just didn’t enjoy it… I’m going to give this book a 1.5 stars out of 5, just not for me, but you guys might enjoy it? If you disagree don’t be afraid to speak up in the comments, just remember that all opinions are valid and deserve respect, this is mine and you’re welcome to yours.


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