Second Chance Summer – Morgan Matson

This book made me feel so many emotions from laughter to sadness. I cried so much at this book that I had to stop reading it at points because I was crying so much. Morgan Matson has always been one of my favourite contemporary authors and I look forward to reading more her books especially ‘Amy and Rodgers Epic Detour’ which has been sitting on my self for ages!!

One of the things I loved about this that it was still a romantic contemporary with heartbreak and love but at the same time it also emphasised the importance of family and friendship. The bond Taylor has with her father is beautiful and their cute little breakfast meetings, truly made me think about me and my family and how in the blink of an eye it can all be taken away from you. Like I said, friendship also plays a huge role in the book and it showed that your friends are so important and they are always their to help. The balance between relationships was perfectly done and it was nice to see that romance wasn’t the main priority.

Taylor’s character development is another one of the reasons I loved this book. Seeing her mature and grow up and realise what she did was wrong, and how she came to truly understand what “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” truly means was something I really enjoyed. I think we experience that sensation in life more often than we think and it’s important to understand how a lot of things in life can be bittersweet. It’s okay to experience so much sadness and so much happiness at the same time and maybe it’s the balance of the two that keeps us going.

Henry. His relationship with Taylor did so many things to my heart, i think it nearly exploded! It’s full of complications and history but I really liked that because it showed that they had to work for something and put all of those memories and mistakes behind them. And I love that we were reminded of something important about relationships – that choosing to take a chance on one is always going to be a risk, even when you think you know the other person well. It also helps that I practically swooned over all their moments together, since a lot of things that Henry said and did were so, so lovely.

I also loved Taylor’s family. They were so genuine and we saw them all come together and support each other in the difficult times they had which links back to me saying how much I loved Matson’s stress on the importance of family. I also loved her siblings different personalities from Warren being fact mad and always sharing new information to little Gelsey who was just so cute!

Matson takes you on an emotional ride right from the beginning of the book till the very last chapter. She brings us to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We experience all the heartbreak, all the romance, all the friendship and all the. The depth to her characters really makes us connect more to them making their story all so much meaningful and powerful. We begin to care about what happens to them as well as beginning to feel some of their emotions. I will never forget the final few chapters of this book – heartbreakingly beautiful and, hands down, one of the best endings ever.

Overall, it is easy to award this book 5/5 stars and I really do recommend that you read it but do be prepared to cry a lot! It is a beautiful story complete with equally beautiful characters who you begin to love and connect with. I also recommend you check out more of Morgan Matson’s books as they are funny, cute and just fab!


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