Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken

It isn’t often the case when the second book in a series is as good or better than the first but this is the case for ‘Never Fade. Once again Alexandra Bracken has created a suspenseful and action packed novel which I could put down…

Never Fade, again follows the character of Ruby as she begins her work for the Children’s League but when she’s entrusted with an explosive secret, she must hit the road again to help save the ones she loves and the lives of the millions of children trapped in the camps. Torn between old and the promises made to the children league, Ruby must help uncover the secrets hidden behind the disease and the government…

Ruby character development was perfect and so beautifully paced. She got to kick ass in this book and became a brave and powerful character who will do anything to protect her friends and others in difficult situations. In this book she also became a lot more mature with her actions and decisions which became clear in the writing.

I craved for Liam the first chapters of the book and when he finally appeared I didn’t know how to process what was happening. But sooner or later things came back into the swing of it, with everyone back together – except for Zu who I was disappointed not to see in this book, but hopefully in the next…

Obviously Liam and Ruby’s relationship was just beautiful. The romance was just gorgeous and even though we didn’t get loads it was just enough and was so intense you looked forward to it and appreciated the parts you got more than if there was loads

We are also introduced to a load of new characters as well as a few old faces. Vida was brilliant, she helped bring more humour and sass to the book as well as being a all-round badass! Can I ship her with Chubbs? The banter between them was funny and always made me smile! Joules, on the other hand was just so cute, his innocence reminded me first of Zu and I thought it was nice to have a character who wasn’t a total badass. Cole Stewart! Oh Goodness, now there’s two of them.

This book had so much action which always kept me on the edge on my seat and to add to that Alexandra Bracken decided to throw a few plot twists in there! The storyline, in some parts I thought wasn’t as strong as the first book however I loved the fact we finally got to meet some ‘Reds’ and saw the extent of their powers. Also in this book, a lot of my questions from the previous novel were answered but it did though leave me with even more like ‘What is the secret behind the disease?’ and ‘What is up with he government?’

The ending! Alexandra Bracken is one of the queens of rotten endings and cliffhangers. A part of me loves these endings as it just helps build my excitement for the next novel but on the other hand it just leaves me with a book hangover – Oh the struggles!

In the end, I can easily rate this book 5/5 stars and is a perfect dystopian novel and even better sequel. If you like what your reading, please feel free to check out my review on the first book, ‘The Darkest Minds‘.


5 thoughts on “Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken

  1. I’m actually struggling to get through Never Fade right now. I’m about 200 pages in and I can’t seem to get myself any further. I’m hoping it’s just a mood and that I’ll end up liking it when I finally swing away from my contemporary/new adult kick.

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  2. Great review! This is a series I have been meaning to read for a long time now, but I’ve heard many people only liked the first book and not the others. I’m a huge fan of great cliffhangers so Bracken’s work piques my interest!

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