The Heir – Kiera Cass

I have been looking forward to this book for a long time and I am seriously disappointed that only now I am picking it up! It was certainly different from what I expected but at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book jumps twenty years ahead from the last selection book and Maxon and America are now parents with four children; Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden, and Osten. The Heir is told from the perspective of Eadlyn who is the first in line for the throne. Thanks to rebel attacks and various uprisings, Eadlyn must par take in her own selection to help boost morale must to her annoyance. Now she must find the love of her life to help protect her country and her family.

The protagonist Eadlyn, I thought was certainly different and someone whom at first I thought was a bit of a cow but throughout the book she began to open up a bit more and started to become a better person. At times I do admit I wanted to chuck the book in the pool due to my frustration however there were also moments when I high-fived the air! Her character development was remarkable and something I really enjoyed reading.

I also loved the bond between Eadlyn and Ahren as well as their younger siblings. I swear, it’s so adorable when they are all together. However I disliked what happened to him at the end of the book! UGH! He was one of my favorite characters, but then he had to do that! Like…Why?

As for Maxon and America, I loved seeing them as parents. I loved seeing Maxon in daddy mode, but I’m so worried about him. So much pressure in his shoulders, and then what happened at the end was a fatal blow for him! I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright! As for America, I thought she was a bit out of character but that could be down to the fact she’s now the queen as she now has to ‘behave’ herself!! I also loved to see Marleen, Lucy, Aspen and May moving on with their lives and starting up families.

The boys! *swoon* To say I had one favourite would be a lie, I had many. At the moment I love Henri, Hale, Kile and Erik, who I know isn’t officially apart of the selection  but I think something could happen here… Seeing the selection from a different perspective was also enjoyable as this time we were able to root for someone we like to win instead of just rooting for the main character.

Now let’s talk about the ending! Again I almost threw the book in the pool thanks to the terrible and frustrating ending. It just ended! So my happened at the build up to the end and now we have to wait till ages to find out what happens as well as answers to many biting questions. I’m having book hangover right now!

Cass’s books have always been an easy read for me and this one was no exception as whizzed though it in a matter of hours. It contained a lot of romance, drama and unexpected events, which I really enjoyed so I am happy to give this book 4/5 stars. Did I like it more than the first three books? No. But it’s definitely in my top three!

We would also like to apologise for the lack of post recently as we have both been really busy and I’ve just come back from holiday (it was lovely, thanks for asking). But this does mean I’ve read thousands of books and more review will be posted soon. It is also the summer holidays here in the UK in a weeks time so we hope to read a lot more! Thank you!


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