Plastic – Film Review

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This was a little bit of an impulsive watch, not going to lie. I had it downloaded on sky plus but never got around to watching it. The only reason I did actually find the time was because I’d just got home after an exam and felt like a little bit of down time before I started revising again. I was actually pleasantly surprised! It was super action packed and exciting!

This film is based on a true story about of group of young adults (I think they were about 19/20, but I’m not entirely sure…) who work together to con various rich people with credit card fraud. However, one day they try to con the wrong sort of person, get caught, and let’s say they end up in a pretty sticky situation with a gangster who is demanding £2 million.

Before I downloaded it from sky, I hadn’t really heard about it before, but it is quite new, only being released in 2014! I didn’t watch it for a while though because A: I’ve had very little time recently and B: I kept forgetting it was there. However the basic plot line really pulled me in and enticed me to watch it! It was very exciting, clever and full of fast paced, high action.
The cast was very good as well with people like Ed Speelers (who I recognised all throughout the film and it really annoyed me. Turns out he was the guy from Eragon, I knew his faced looked familiar!) Also Will Poulter (who we all love let’s be honest, and he has better eyebrows than me…) AND Alfie Allan who I hadn’t seen in anything else but Game of Thrones, so it was quite refreshing to see him acting as a different character (however his character still manages to be a complete dick head)…

It was really amazing to think this actually happened, these kids where honestly so clever, even though they were criminals, I was applauding them on their initiative and intelligence! I really enjoyed this film, it’s not really a family film though as it has some naughty scenes and quite a bit of violence, it is a 15 so please bare this in mind before watching it. I’m going to score this a 4 out of 5 stars, overall I was entertained and that’s what I want from a film!


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