World After – Susan Ee

Wow! I am really beginning to love this series as not only do I love the characters but the storyline is intense and brilliant (and even pretty gory at some stages)! I love this book slightly more than ‘Angelfall’ as we start to get an understanding of where the book is going.

‘World After’ is the second book in the ‘Penryn and the End of Days Series’ and once again follows Penryn as she faces the struggles of survival whilst also trying to protect her and her family which is slowly breaking away. By doing this she once again begins to uncover the secrets of the angels and of the ‘locus’! (Eww They freaked me out!)

I absolutely love Susan’s writing style as it’s just so easy to read and I whizzed through it in no time! The storyline again was fab and had everything a dystopian novel needed; action, drama and a little bit of romance! Now that we are finally getting more answers and are starting to understand the world, this story has become much more engaging. I’m excited for this to be investigated more in ‘End of Days’.

I really loved these flashbacks from the sword and that it had a personality of its own. They were atmospheric and lent excellent insight to Raffe’s characters and the struggles he faced before he and Penryn met. It also allowed us to learn more about their travels and see his perspective on events!

Penryn is my favourite in World After as she is not only funny but she’s got her priorities straight and certainly, I won’t give up without a fight! Her mother and Paige were once again creepy as hell!! but I think that worked really well as it adds something unique and different to the book. There’s less of Raffe in this book which I was slightly disappointed with but the scenes with him in are dramatic and funny. He’s still the same old Raffe! I believe there’s more emotion locked up in his angel heart than we’re ready to see yet, which is why we’ve only been given glimpses so far. But even though he was missing, I didn’t really notice as there was so much more going on! Their relationship again is brilliant, their conversations are sarky and humorous. There were some great scenes when they were together, my favourite being the conversation about ‘Pooky Bear’!

Overall, I give this books 5/5 stars as once again this book is packed with action as well as humour! It is a brilliant read which I highly recommend and I can’t wait to read ‘End Of Days’! If you do want to start this series check out my spoiler free review on ‘Angelfall’!!


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