Poldark – TV Series Review


Now if you don’t live in the UK then you probably don’t know that there was a television series on BBC1 on a Sunday night called Poldark. I know what you’re thinking “That’s a strange name for a TV show, I wonder what it could be about” ah ha! Well, I shall tell you! Poldark is the surname of a Mr. Ross Poldark who is the main protagonist in this rather wonderful series. Poldark is set in the 1700’s in Cornwall (for those of you who don’t know where Cornwall is it is the very south of the UK on the sticky outie left-hand side when you look at a map… I hope that didn’t sound patronising…) Anyway, it’s a truly stunning part of the county which I have yet to visit (I really need to visit). Ross Poldark left to fight in the American War of Independence, leaving his ‘girlfriend’ (that’s in inverted comers as I don’t think it was ‘approved’ by the family, as was the way in those days). He is gone for some time and is suspected dead, only he comes home to find the love of his life Elizabeth engaged to his Cousin Francis Poldark… Awkward…

Can’t really say much more without spoiling the whole series. My dad and I eagerly watched each of these episodes with great anticipation each week. It was one of those “Ooo Poldark is on switch it over quick!” kind of TV show. This was a really great, meaty TV show full of family drama, love(ish) drama and any other drama you can think of pretty much. What I really liked about this TV show is that you could never quite predict what the characters were going to do which made things a little tense but also frustrating at time. The cast of Poldark is also steller! Ross Poldark is played by the GORGIOUS Aiden Turner. Other cast members include Eleanor Tomlinson, Heidia Reed and Kyle Soller, some fantastic acting!

It’s quite a dramatic TV show, not gunna lie but it wasn’t one we were all talking about at school, I guess because the themes were a little bit more adult and complicated, but I genuinely really enjoyed it. If you didn’t know then this series is actually from a series of BOOKS! The first series is the first 2 books AND the next series has been green- lighted for the 3rd and 4th books. I am very excited! I’m going to give this 5 out of 5 stars! Both me and my dad really enjoyed this show!

I will leave a link for the IMDb page HERE

The link to check out the books HERE (I haven’t read them but I’ll link the goodreads page do you can have a gander)


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