The One – Kiera Cass

I have no words to express how much I loved these books and their storyline! ‘The One’ had everything from fantastic characters to a cliff hanger ending – I don’t want this series to finish, they’re just too good!

The competition is coming to an end and soon Prince Maxon must choose his wife whilst trying to save his county and battle his relationship with his father. With only four girls left each one of them must battle it out to win the hand of the prince (writing that it sounds like its The Hunger Games!!). America is still in the competition but by just a hair and must try her best to sort things out.

Everything happens in this book, I wont give it away but a lot of the time i never saw it coming. Poor America, a lot of the time she was affected by what happened but it help makes her a stronger and more loved character. We also see America express herself more (even though she is standing on thin ice) and show her passion for getting rid of the castes.

This book is once again darker and has more involvement with the rebels making it more action packed and in my case more addicting! But the series also never got deep enough for me to take the political stuff seriously. Everything was all on the surface, even when rebels were introduced as a real threat. It happened in a rush.

Now lets talk about the ending. WHAT! I have to admit i didn’t expect that, it all happened all at once and i was on the edge of my seat for the whole chapter! But i am pleased with the outcome and i don’t think that i can wait until May 2015 when the final book is released. I hope i the last book we see more about the rebel attacks and the efforts of making Illea a better place. However I have recently discovered the — for ‘The Heir’ and part of me is really excited however the other part is slightly disappointed as I wanted it to be more focused on America and Maxon. The link for the summary is here, if your interested.

Overall I love this series and especially this book – it’s the best in the series – and I would definitely rate it 5/5 stars. I wish everyone read this series as in my opinion they are fab!! If you are interested in reading this series check out our spoiler free review on ‘The Selection’ and the ‘The Elite’.


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