The Railway Children- E. Nesbit

The classic story of the Railway Children is no doubt a beautiful story, yet I found myself a little bored, this could be (probably is) because of these factors, 1) I have seen the film many times so I was familiar with the story already, and it pains me to say that the film was better and that literally goes against everything i believe in… 2) I feel as though the age demographic is of someone younger than myself 3) I usually read books that are filled with high action and high intensity and this book was the equivalent of one of those children’s rides you find outside of a supermarket…

The plot of this book is a very touching one (and I probably would have cried if I hadn’t already seen the film). The main protagonists are three children named Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis. One night in their privileged town house in London, their father is taken away for some unknown reason, because of this they are forced to move away to the country side in which they grow a loving bond with the railway and all the people working there. They go on many adventures and befriend an old gentlemen, who you never learn the name of… which kind of annoyed me…

Another way this book bothered me a little was the fact that it was really gender stereotypical, which after I watched Emma Watson’s speech the other day (wasn’t it amazing!?!) I have felt really strongly about gender equality and some of the lines in this book I was like WHAT? NO, GIRLS CAN DO THAT TO! And it just angered me a bit, however I did take into consideration the time in which it was written, set and all that shebang but still it annoyed me… a lot…

In summery this was in fact a lovely book, I however just found it a bit boring, because of that I’m going to give it three out of five stars * * *.


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