Salvage – Keren David

This was one of those books where you’re in somewhat of a rush in the book store so you hurriedly grab a book at random… or that might be just me.

Before I cracked this book open (not that I would actually crack the spine…That’s almost a crime) I didn’t really have any idea what it was about, I hadn’t seen it anywhere on tumblr or booktube as I believe it’s a relatively new release (don’t hold me to that I might be wrong). But the story line is one that I haven’t really seen before. It has the potential to be quite a controversial and touchy subject but I didn’t find that anything was insensitive or disrespectful. Anyway enough of my woffeling (don’t think that’s quite the right spelling but hey-ho) the book is about two very extremes of British living, however these two extremes are seen through the eyes of a brother and sister who were separated when they were very young. Cass, the younger sister, gets adopted at age 4 by some very wealthy and politically powerful parents where as Aiden, the older brother, is left to fend for himself in the “not as wealthy care system”. A sires of unfortunate events leads to their meeting twelve years after they were separated.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It was thrilling, but not in your typical way you might see the word ‘thrilling’ used in a YA book review. It’s hard to describe but it was the ‘realness’ that made the term ‘thrilling’ relevant as you knew this is a certain scenario that could happen and quite possibly has.

I have to admit the ending to this was fantastic. It was such a climax to the book and summed it up in a little nutshell so much so that I don’t feel as though I need to read a sequel, which for me is very rare! Although it doesn’t really shine a brilliant light on our country’s care system but I suppose everything has flaws.

Overall I really did like this book, my only criticism would be that at some points it can get a bit slow and if you don’t live in the UK there might be some parts that may be a bit alien (but i’m sure you can figure it out, you’re clever) I’m going to award this book a 3.8 out of 5 stars * * *.8 . A good read.


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