The Giver – Lois Lowry

Unfortunately I never got to read this book when I was in school (as I’m told most people living in the US did) I’m also afraid to say, I hadn’t heard of it until all the hype about the film. But if any UK government officials working in education are reading this (very doubtful there) WHY? PLEASE GET THIS BOOK ON THE LIST! It’s literally the most perfect book for a twelve year old to study! I would have adored this when I was in year 7 or 8 (not that I didn’t now) and I’m sure it would encourage more youngsters to pick up a book!

For the people who have been living under somewhat of a rock (as had I until about two weeks ago) this book is about a futuristic world where everything is controlled, your age, your job, your spouse, your children and your occupation. There is no free will, in return there is no conflict, disagreement or war. Sounds pretty perfect except for the whole “control” thing… At the end of the year the elevens (the name given to all eleven year olds) become twelves, where they are given their final assignment or as we would call it their job, however unlike the rest of his year Jonas (the main protagonist) is given an honourable, yet obscure assignment in which he learns secrets kept buried and previous lives lost. With help from the Giver, he is assigned to be the Receiver of Memories.

I absolutely loved this book! Although when I first saw how small it was (just under 200 pages) I was confused as to how an actual plot line could exist in so few pages, but let me tell you my friends, a plot line is possible and a very good plot line it is indeed! I can’t really praise this book enough, it was fast pace, exciting and interesting, everything I look for in a book was staring me in the face and because of this I finished it in a day…

I can’t recommend it more for anyone of any age, a bundle of joy that will make you realise all the good things we take for granted. I’m going to award it a massive five out of five stars! * * * * *


3 thoughts on “The Giver – Lois Lowry

  1. Nice review! I’ve heard that the book was good, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. However, I have recently seen the film and I thought it was great, so I am putting it on my to-read list. 🙂


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