Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I’ve never really read many mystery thrillers before but this one has certainly encouraged me to start reading more from the likes of Lee Child and James Patterson! Gone Girl wouldn’t have been my first pick in a bookstore, personally I’m the one who heads straight to the ‘young adult’ section but I kept seeing it everywhere and everyone was talking about it! It was only when I found it on the bookshelf in our holiday apartment, it may sound cheesy – it was fate!

The storyline, oh the storyline! It was brilliant, I loved uncovering the mystery along with the characters and discovering all twists and surprises! The book is about a couple who celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary however that day the wife goes missing leaving her disappearance a mystery! That’s all I can say as don’t want to give anything away!

I love the way this book was written and the two different points of views which slowly helped the reader discover the mystery along with the characters. And the mystery it’s self was brilliant and very clever! However my one criticism was the ending, it just ended! I wanted to find out more!

As one of my first mysteries I am pleased to rate this book 4/5 stars and I am really keen to read more mysteries thrillers! Again I recommend you read this soon as it has been made into a film which is too be released this October!


6 thoughts on “Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

  1. Omg I am exactly the same! These past three months I have read more thrillers than my entire life combined!!! Great review, I completely agree with you that there are so many unexpected twists. And like yourself I was also disappointed with the ending. 🙂

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