More Than This – Patrick Ness

This book utterly confused me yet completely blew my mind. Is that possible?

I have been told…more than once…that I have a rather simple and easily pleased mind, now don’t get me wrong this may be a contributing factor to my blown mind but I’m pretty sure it was this AWESOME idea for an AWESOME story that turned my already fried brain into the equivalent of scrambled egg… fried scrambled egg…because that totally makes sense… 

In my opinion this is one of those books to go into blind (to get the full awesomeness effect) however I ,myself, dislike those kinds of reviews that tell me nothing about the story.. so here goes… right in the first pages of the book this teenage boy dies. Seriously that is the first chapter. He then wakes up in this strange place completely confused and also not fully clothed… That’s all you’re getting I’m afraid, the rest you’re going to have to find out your selves, sorry chumps… 

Although I have to admit, originally in the first few chapters I wasn’t convinced, I was extremely confused and also worried that the entire book was going to be like those first few chapters, however I stuck it out, kept reading and then OH MY GOD it was so exciting and amazing and fantastic and I found myself repeating the same superlatives to my (by that time) extremely bored family who, to be honest, couldn’t care less about my fried scrambled egg brain… 

In an overview an amazing concept for a story that literally left me questioning my life and humanity in general. However it really does need breaking in and perseverance (well it did for me anyway) which is my only criticism… actually if I’m being really picky I thought the ending was a bit woolly and could do with a bit more definition but that could be because there could be a sequel *holds hands up* who knows, who knows… don’t hold me to that, but I’d like to think so…    anyway a wicked story and brilliant for anyone over the age of 15, there are a few adult themes…I’m going to give this book 4 out of 5 stars * * * * go and read it (if you’re over 15) 


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