The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey

Aliens, Aliens and more Aliens! I really enjoyed this book, the concept was really interesting as well as the way it was written! I love this book so much and I’m really excited to hear it’s been turned into a movie with Chloe Grace Mortez as the lead! Eeeeek!

This book if you haven’t guessed is all about aliens! It mainly follows a young girl called Cassie fighting for survival during the invasion as well as trying to save her younger brother. A long the way she faces many different challenges and begins to uncover the mystery of what is the invasion which has been split into 5 different waves each destroying the human population. Now the time has come for Cassie and the 5th wave is drawing closer…

I love the style of writing in this book and how it starts off as a diary entry as we look back on Cassies life and discover what has happens! But not only do we see Cassies point of view we also see points of views from other characters who too play an important role in the storyline and help the reader uncover the mystery of the alien invasion! I thought this was really clever and enjoyed how each person’s storyline linked together.

I thought Cassie, the main protagonist was a brilliant character! You really saw her develop from a young care free teenager to some badass survivor making her so brilliant! It’s not just Cassie you see develop almost all the characters do making the reader feel as if they too have been caught in the invasion and begin to understand how bad the situation is!  This being a young adult novel there of course has to be a love triangle and we being to see it develop at the end of the book. But this isn’t any love triangle it is one with a twist…

Personally I really do recommend this book, even if your not a fan of aliens just give this book a try; I think you might like it! It is jam packed with adventure and action never leaving a dull moment as well as having awesome characters! I would give this book 4.5/5 stars and if I were you I would start reading now as the second book is coming out in September 2014 and you will definitely want to carry on the story; I know I did!


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