The Maze Runner – James Dashner

A book I have been dying to read for a long time and with the film coming out this October I needed to read it! Finally I have and I am please to say I really enjoyed it, so much I couldn’t put it down! I went into the book already knowing a lot of the storyline from my sister who just loves to give away spoilers and from the numerous trailers released! With this I thought I knew the outcome of the book but I was proven wrong with all the twists and turns I encountered!

The book for those who don’t know, follows the path of a young boy named Thomas who wakes up with no memory in the centre of a huge maze inhabited by a group of boys known as gladers. Like Thomas, the gladers don’t know why or how they came to the maze all they know is when the walls open they risk everything to find out! In doing so Thomas has to discover his past in order to help the others before it’s too late…

This book was again full of action and mystery leaving the reader in the same position as the character’s – in the unknown! However I hate the sense of unknown, I thought it was a clever way to create suspense but I hated it! I wanted to know answers as much as the characters leaving myself feeling frustrated with the book itself!

However on a positive note I loved the character’s so much I became very attached to them! I thought the development of some characters was really good however I have to admit I would love to give Theresa a good old smack!

Overall I really liked this book and I would give it 4/5. It is a great read with never a dull moment and I would certainly recommend you pick up the next book as the first leaves you on a clift-hangger


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