Throne Of Glass – Sarah J Maas

Nothing beats a kick ass female heroine, some healthy competition and two gorgeous male characters! I loves this book and I really enjoyed the characters and storyline however it was slightly predicable which didn’t leave much surprise or suspense…

The book itself is about a young assassin under the name of Celena Sardathion who has been chosen by a young (and handsome) prince to compete in a competition to become the Kings private assassin! When competing she faces may difficult tasks whilst trying to solve a dangerous mystery which is haunting the castle and putting those who are close to her in danger! And of course like every other young adult novel there has to be a love triangle therefore making our heroine decide between a charming prince or a handsome guard (Personally I love Chaol!) whilst tackling these challenges!

Again I have “Booktube” to thank for my discovery of this book as I am a huge fan for fantasy and after hearing the plot line for this book… well I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast to order anything! This book doesn’t fail to include as much action and adventure as it possibly can, making it at some points addictive!

As much as I loved this book I do have a few criticisms! In my opinion I thought the ending wasn’t great as it left me sitting a bit confused about what had happened as there was too much going on! But saying all that it does show you that this book is packed with action and adventure!

Those who loved the hunger games will surely love this as it has action and romance which make the perfect pair! Overall I give this book a 4/5 a great easy read!


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