Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowel

I could say that I originally bought this book because I love the author or I had heard such good things about this book… all of this was indeed a contributing factor for my purchase, however it wasn’t my precise reason for buying the book… the actual reason was…it had my name in the title, and I’ve got to be honest, it really stood out to me…

Enough about my trials in Waterstones… this book was flippin’ amazing. I absolutely adored the characters, the story and the challenges that they both face. I thought that it was a breath of fresh air to fiction and was brutally honest on the way love works.

If you didn’t already know this book follows two protagonists Eleanor and Park (which is pretty self-explanatory from the title). However, Park comes from a much more privileged background compared to Eleanor who has battles to fight on a daily basis. They eventually (and slowly) meet through a love of comic books and the fortunate convenience of a school bus… the rest is a spoiler alert that I don’t want to be responsible for…

When I read books I discuss them with my friends (as so many do) and often they say ‘well that is obviously never going to happen!’ which is true for some books, that the love story is so up in the clouds that it will never come down and face reality. What makes this book such a story is that it shows that anyone can be loved, no matter what you look like it damn well is possible, for everyone and this book gives hope that even if you aren’t the prettiest or the skinniest person someone somewhere loves you and that is what I, personally, will take away from this book.

If you love beautiful love stories that literally make you ‘awwww’ out loud this is certainly a great book for you and will maybe you will even shed a tear or two. Overall I rate this book 4.5/5! A great read, I highly recommend!


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